Happy Socks was founded during a typical Swedish spring in the year 2008. The vision was to transform an everyday object into a colorful design piece, to spread happiness and to provide an uncompromising standard of quality, craftsmanship and creativity; this is a concept perfected by the Happy Socks founder, and started in a 400-year-old, bright red cabin in the midst of cherry trees in a park in central Stockholm. Today Happy Socks are available in over 40 countries, selling across all continents. The selection of socks contains an almost endless variety of styles and designs with a wide range of colour combinations, materials and textures. Simply said, a pair of high-quality socks for every occasion, every mindset and every style. Happy socks are made with the precision of Italian Lonati machines in a local factory in Turkey. Brought to you by Nifty Fashion & Trends!