HIPPIE LOVE was founded in 2010 by the Agency "lauter labels" from Germany. The designer of this trendy and outstanding brand, Vanessa, has given this brand a special flair and Hippie Love is still regarded as an insiders’ tip. Peace is love, love is warmth, warmth is sun, sun is light, light is colour, colour is colourful, and colourful is HIPPIE LOVE! This is the slogan of HIPPIE LOVE. HIPPIE LOVE is based on the great looks and the charm of the seventies, making them wearable for today in the form of colourful and playful accessories. Bright colours, peace signs and braids awaken the hippie within and stir a gentle Woodstock vibe in the 21st Century. The Hippie product line includes stylish bracelets and handmade scarves.