Behind the Japan Rags label are French father and son design team Lilian and Gilles Richardière, also known as the makers of fashion label Le Temp Des Cerises. Japan Rags offers premium quality and trendy vintage fashion. Besides sweaters, T-shirts and shirts Japan Rags are primarily known for their jeans, which have a sporty, trendy cut, great for any occasion. It's a little known fact that the production of one pair of jeans can use up to 100 litres of water, and that every year up to 2.3 billion pairs of jeans are "washed out" during production, however, Japan Rags jeans are the first to be bleached without water - a unique process. The bleaching technology developed by Japan Rags protects the environment and turns jeans into an environmentally friendly product. As Japan Rags' ad campaign points out: ZERO litres of water needed during production. Save the planet by wearing these jeans.