We are inspired by you. Krysi strive to create products that fit within your busy lifestyle and that will not only be useful but stylish. Keeping up with trends can be exhausting so why bother following them when you can actually set them, actually be the topic of conversation and actually own something that can last for more than a couple of seasons. Background Principal and designer Kristin Haskins Simms decided that when she was pregnant with her first child, she needed to make her company more vertically integrated in order to produce in-house while maintaining quality control of her own line krysi. However, with all the machines and equipment that was acquired from a cut and sew factory that went out of business, along with the demand for small run/boutique manufacturers by emerging designers, she launched Krys Design + Manufacturing. Because Kristin is a designer turned manufacturer, she will make certain your product is exactly the way you want it.