UNABUX is a young label from Koblenz in Germany, which has taken on the task of injecting a breath of fresh air into men’s (and ladies') underwear. After hours of shopping at home and abroad for fresh ideas, the makers of UNABUX concluded that it’s impossible to find the perfect boxer short and that men are too often left choosing one of the lesser evils, whether it be prints of pumpkins, Santas, comic heros or black white and grey. From this point the idea was born and the task was clear. UNABUX creates something new not only to make the men happy, but also to offer the ladies something fresh to look at, for all ages. With a wink, UNABUX has declared war on the drabness of everyday life, combining fresh colours and patterns boldly, daringly and deliberately. Their motto is: "UNABUX – lovelycrafted undies!". Now available at Nifty Fashion & Trends!